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The rapid growth in Tourism Industry has created heavy demand for hospitality professional in hotels and other catering outlets, Making hospitality studies a job oriented programme throughout the globe. To tap this employment source and benefit the students & industry workers, we offer hotel management programmes with good standard of understanding and academic skill in all aspects of hospitality services. Our core curriculum makes Special emphasis to develop leadership and communication skill and management expertise in the hotel trade. The educational environment that we offer the students provide them an opportunity for growth at all levels in their career.

Hotel industry

The hotel is a word by itself where the greatest challenge is the ability to be continuously innovative, comments Anoop Kumar, Chief Executive of Hotel Industry is the fastest growing sector of the Indian economy owing to industrial growth and promotion of tourism. Career avenues are varied and these are plenty of job opportunities for trained and suitable hotel management personnel. Emerging trends in the growth of tourism and the expansion of the accommodation sector has necessitated a substantial increase in the additional requirement for skill-sets. Coupled with this is the demand for manpower in special areas such as airline and railway catering, industrial catering, etc.

This is a service-oriented industry requiring skill-based proficiency in addition to management, personnel and communication abilities. The skills include cooking, baking, serving at a table, making a bed or taking a reservation. These form an integral part of the training. In addition to this, a three year diploma or degree course in Hostel Management covers principles of management, financial management, Communications, sales and marketing, food production theory, nutrition, hotel law, a foreign language, etc. The practical aspect of the course provides hands-on training where you operate actual systems and procedures in a hotel. If you join a hotel directly you will receive on-the-job training.

Where you are looking for a new career or looking for advancement in your current position in the Tourism & Hospitality or the Food Service Industry, Soorya Institute Of Management Studies SIMS will provide you with a full range of practical, easy to understand hospitality courses.


Hotel Industry Work

Nature of work in the area of Hotel Management involved ensuring that all operations,
including accommodation, food and drink, recreation and other hotel services run smoothly.

The main areas of work are as follows

General Operations

The main responsibilities of this department include: supervision, co-ordination and administration of all other departments as well as overall financial control.

Front Office

It is the Centre of all activities. Major tasks performed here include: providing information, making room reservations and taking care of check-ins and check-outs, besides the duties performed by the Personnel Department of any company.

House Keeping

The main function of the house keeping department is to make sure that all rooms are kept in order and all the needs of the guests are met.

Sales & Marketing

This department keeps in touch with travel agents and tour operators as well as other potential corporate clients in order to sell hotel facilities. Advertising and Public Relations is also normally handled by this department.

Food & Beverage

This department is the hub of the hotel industry and is responsible for all the food that is prepared and served in the hotel.Other Departments in the Hotel Industry include: public relation-sales and marketing, Finance and Personnel, Engineering and Minor operating departments like health club, beauty parlour, business center, shopping arcade, etc.

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Travel & Tourism

Travel and Tourism is probably the world’s largest industry. The main reasons for travel today are leisure, business and government work – the first two providing the majority of the industry’s clientele. The travel and tourism industry is the largest foreign exchange earner among all our industries and currently provides direct employment to over fifty lakh people, and indirectly covers possibly all areas of economic activity. Moreover, the number is likely to increase with massive plans for future expansion, creating a demand for skilled, trained personnel in various spheres of the industry.

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